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There are plenty of ways that you can convince your fellow co-workers to be more green and environmentally friendly. You can encourage some habits in the office that can save energy. For example, talk about the benefits of saving energy by turning off computers and other electronic devices while going on a lunch break. Remind co-workers to turn off the lights in the hallways, storage closets and restrooms after they leave these areas.

You can also teach co-workers to use more green materials. For instance, discuss the benefits Read the rest of this entry …

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Local Events To Promote A Green Lifestyle

Recycling Initiatives For The Whole Family
One of the best ways a local community can promote green awareness is through recycling events. This is a way to gather the community together in a fun and education setting in order to explain the benefits of ecological sustainability. One of the most important tools for ecological awareness is the elementary school system. By this, I mean there is no greater element of green education than teaching young children. In fact, this is Read the rest of this entry …

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If you are like a lot of people, you probably don’t think twice about throwing away your garbage when you are finished with it. Although there are some things that it might be difficult to reuse, you can actually use a lot of your disposables for alternative uses if you are creative enough. Doing so can be a lot of fun, and it can also save the environment, so you should consider alternative uses for all of your household trash if you can.

For instance, Read the rest of this entry …

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What does “going green” mean? Going green is a healthy and Earth-friendly way of living. The choices people make by “going green” in their day-to-day living are better for the environment.

At home, we can start by turning off lights, televisions, computers, and similar items, when they are not being used. We can also cut down on water and electricity use by waiting to wash dishes and clothes until we have a full load.

Other ways to go green at home include Read the rest of this entry …

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Everyone knows that recycling is important, but sometimes children are not so enthusiastic about doing it. Fortunately, there are quite a few creative ways to get a child to recycle. One of those ways is to give them an incentive to do it. Children are much more likely to do something if they know they will be getting an award for it. Making statements such as, “If you put items in the recycling can, I will give you five dollars” may do the trick. Another way to get a child to recycle is help him or her Read the rest of this entry …

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There are many ways that people can conserve energy in their homes or places of work.
During the winter, people are concerned about keeping their homes warm and saving as much as possible on what it cost. In the summer, people worry about ways to keep their homes cool when the temperature starts to get hot.
One of the main concerns for the environment is the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.
Some of the ways to Read the rest of this entry …

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1. Consider constructing drop ceilings in rooms around the house. As heated air rises and disperses, as much as 50 to 60 is entirely wasted.

2. Examine your double-sealed windows on a regular basis; it is likely they need attention right now.

3. Limit the number of times you and your family open the refrigerator and freezer doors. Know what you want before you open the door; get it, and close the door immediately. It sounds childish but it can save you hundreds of dollars in electrical usage over time.

4. Learn to break the habit of using ceiling lights during the day; there Read the rest of this entry …

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2011 is sure to be another memorable year for the environmentally conscious community. From households to business leaders, the next 12 months are crucial in terms of sustaining our planet, particularly pressing for those who subscribe to 2012 apocalypse theories. Here’s a look at some upcoming events you might be interested in:What: MiaGreen Expo and ConferenceWhen: March 3-4Where: Miami Beach Convention Center; Miami, FloridaMiaGreen comes from humble roots, originated as part of an educational and collaborational effort to promote green strategies, primarily in the southeastern United States. Today, MiaGreen has expanded its breadth of impact into the Caribbean and Latin America, establishing itself firmly as an international event to secure the eco-prosperity of not just America but the Americas. With participating businesses from at-home and abroad, not to mention substantial educational partnerships, MiaGreen offers fun, sun, culture and a commitment to a greener planet.What: Live Green ExpoWhen: April 16Where: Plano Centre; Plano, Texas (suburban Dallas)Reaching out to everyday residential communities and homeowners, Live Green Expo seeks to strike a chord in improving the energy use of homes in the United States. From green building and remodeling to waste reduction, transportation and lifestyle choices, Live Green Expo takes a panoramic look at how our dwelling habits affect the world around us and how to curb or reinforce these tendencies in order to preserve the world around us. Read the rest of this entry …

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Everyone’s heard about how you can save energy and electricity at your house or when you’re driving. We all know it’s important to buy organic food and support renewable resources wherever possible. But, who knew there’s even an eco-friendly route to take when you’re shopping for clothes.So just how exactly can the things you wear be environmentally friendly? One of the main factors is the fabrics used to make your clothes. The type of fabric and the production practices incorporated into the process are what determine an “eco-friendly” fabric. Fabrics made from crops that have not been exposed to harmful pesticides are considered to be more sustainable because the environment is not harmed by these chemicals during the growth of the crop. Another factor that contributes to the eco-friendly label is land management. A fabric that is biodegradable and doesn’t cause harm to plants or animals either in production or disposal can be considered green. A few popular eco-friendly fabrics include bamboo fiber, organic cotton and hemp, however growth of this crop is prohibited in many countries. Read the rest of this entry …

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There are always ways to increase efficiency in your everyday life. Most people only consider themselves responsible for their at home, personal activities, but since most of us spend the majority of our days at the office, we should focus on going green at work too. Even if you’re not the CEO of a company with the resources or authority to make major changes, you can politely suggest ways to make your workplace more sustainable. You’ll find that many of these changes can actually save money as well, which might earn you a pat on the back from the boss.

  1. Reduce Paper Waste: Email and digital files have helped to significantly reduce the amount of paper used by companies, but there is still more that can be done. Switching to direct deposit payment for employees can produce huge savings by eliminating paper checks. You can also set the printers and copiers to print on both sides. In the event someone needs a one-sided document, this setting can easily be switched. Read the rest of this entry …